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Vehicle Air Conditioning Services

Good air conditioning is essential for comfortable auto travel, so let AAMCO be your source for air conditioning inspections, diagnostics, tune ups, and repairs. In addition to cooling the cabin of your vehicle, auto air conditioning serves to remove hot air, prevent your car from overheating, and dehumidify air. Your AC system even helps defrost your windshield during icy weather. If you are having trouble with your air conditioning, you are missing out on all of these essential benefits every time you drive.

Common Problems

If your air conditioning system is experiencing any of the following problems, be sure to bring it in for an evaluation by one of our trained technicians:

  • The AC only blows hot air
  • It only works sporadically
  • The system kicks in slowly or takes several minutes to produce cool air
  • The AC system makes unusual noises or produces an odor
  • Defrost mode fogs up the windshield


If you bring your vehicle into AAMCO’s Vallejo, CA, service center, our technicians will perform an Initial Vehicle Check (IVC), as well as our Comprehensive Diagnostics Service. This includes:

  • Inspection of the AC compressor drive belt
  • Inspection of other related air conditioning components
  • Operation checks
  • Visual inspection of lines, hoses, and seals
  • Service and replacement of any damaged parts
  • Electrical controls inspections and service
  • Refrigerant fluid checks, and recharge if necessary
  • Refrigerant recovery using EPA-approved equipment
  • Final inspection to ensure proper operation and successful repairs

We only perform the services that are necessary to address any problems with your vehicle’s AC system, and we promise to put our customers first. Visit AAMCO’s Vallejo service center soon. Our trained technicians are ready to serve you and provide your vehicle with functioning, comfortable air conditioning today.



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