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Battery Maintenance & Charging Services

A vehicle’s battery is its heartbeat, and is essential to the car starting, running, and operating to your standards. Before your battery gives out, visit AAMCO’s Vallejo, CA, location for the battery maintenance and charging services you need for a reliable vehicle. Don’t get stranded with a dead battery; contact us or come in at the first sign of a troubled battery. Our trained and certified auto technicians are ready to perform any services necessary to give you reliable transportation with a trustworthy battery.

Common Problems

These are some of the most common problems that can occur with a vehicle’s battery. Often these are signs that battery failure is imminent:

  • The battery keeps running low
  • Your vehicle cranks slowly
  • Your vehicle delays when you attempt to turn it on
  • Your battery malfunctions in extreme weather conditions, including high heat or ice
  • Your battery is over 3 years old

If you notice any of the above problems, be sure to visit us as soon as possible for inspection, diagnosis, and repairs:


Our team of battery experts can perform a starting and charging system diagnosis, as well as AAMCO’s complimentary Initial Vehicle Check (IVC). We will inspect the connections, hardware, electrolyte levels, brackets, connections, alternator belts, and voltage and current for problems. Then, we will only perform the necessary repairs and charge services your vehicle needs in order to start and operate properly.

Contact AAMCO or visit our Vallejo, CA, location if your automobile battery is problematic. We can assist you so that you can rely on your battery every time you need to run your vehicle.



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